This is my first blog here. I just will talk about things I love or like or things I don’t. Primarily just for me. The back pic I picked is from Beautiful Japan. I love to study and culture of anything Asian just  not Japan but that is my favorite Asian Country. I love their culture, Samurai’s, Their honor code, courage, How people respect their elderly in Asian countries and how they care for the ones that pass on.I live in the USA. Which I love very much but I wish we did have some of the culture that the Asian countries have. The shrines they have for the ones that pass on and even leaving things for them to eat or money to burn so they will have it where they are. I think that is so awesome. I think mostly the chinese do the leaving of the food and for the dead and usually happens at certain times. Wanting them to be happy where they are. I love the fact that the Asian ladies are proper on the most part. Everyone has their stereotypes. They seem that they are very caring and the men at least in the olden times were very loyal and had a great deal of courage. We have courage he in the USA also are loyalty fades at times like right now during the presidental times but if there is a threat we all get together and are there for our country. Anyway, I enjoy asian culture and history, american history especially civil war, Classic movies, adore them. Also love Asian movies. Especially the Horror and romance ones. For some reason I love the newer asian movies way more then the newer american ones. The horror ones have twists in them for asia and a lot of time we remake them. Like the grudge, the ring etc. The korean romance movies are so awesome and I also like them because the heroin is almost always a woman. 95% of the time. Isn’t that weird. You would think they would be stern want the woman maybe stay home which I don’t think that is true anymore but no, usually the good asian movies have a woman hero. Classics american movies are still my all time fave though. Random Harvest my favorite movie of all time. I love the romance one. I am engaged. I am female, 46, and my fiance is a female who is 40 and yes that does make us lesbians. We have been together for 8 years now. right now we live in different states which is bad but hoping it will change next year. we usually see each other two months at least a year and talk every day, text, cam etc. We love each other very much that is why the long distance relationship lasted so long. You have to have romance for it to last that long. I have found my soul mate and am very glad. I call her my monkey buns or peach pie. She calls my her babygurl or sweetpea. we have a lot of names. Even though we live in different states I thought of the idea to be closer and have movie nights where we watch a movie together either we rent the same movie or rent it online and start it the same time and talk about it on im online. my finace and I also think it is romantic. I also have worn a one of my tshirts and sweatshirts and then sent it to her so she could wear it and feel closer to me. see you can still show love even if your far away. Send a rose or whatever flower, just one doesn’t have to be expensive and just say just because I love you and do it on a day that isn’t special. Well I guess I will end now. I would like to meet friends. sweet soul embraces to all.